Friday, February 18, 2011

What is FoB fashion?

Can you tell me what is FOB fashion?Another common question that alot of people asked me via email.Hm,because of people demand,I'm gladly to help.

What is FoB?

Fresh of the boat
Asians that moves to other foreign country for example USA
and doesn't know how to dress like them

What is FOB fashion?

Fob fashion started by asian people which brought their sense of fashion to the other country and become popular as asian style,but because they are a FOB they call it FOB fashion???It similar with westerner clothes???Some say yes.some say no,because they cannot really find asian/fobby clothes in some places such as America.Oh well..if you think bout it,the  differences on foBs are,its 
Korean,Japan,Taiwan and some others have different style
Besides,they have alot of layers and another asian fashion sense.
Its just a fashion.Some people,might love it and some hate it.Up to you.

Basic FoB fashion?


Top  Baggy or Oversize shirt (cloth that longer/over your waist),cardigans,wide neck(fell from shoulder),stripe,picture or words on shirt,hoody

Bottom   skinny jeans,tight,legging

Shoes ❥ Sneaker,converse,heels

Bag ❥ Oversize bag

Color ❥ Some are Colorful,bright,or just natural

LOL! ok..that one  TYPICAL, colorful oversize outfit with thin look legs.but it might change because of some inspiration.Such as, wearing a shorts with long socks/tights

Mostly FoB fashion style always looks cute.More or less like ulzzang style.

Fob Haircut

They have alot of layers cut and full fringe.
Can refer with Ulzzang hairstyle.Click here to read.

FoB inspiration

Take a look at the photos that I found.
(Include for guys fob fashion) 
for your own FoB style n Ideas.
Fashion is all about how you style it,that is why Korea,Japan,Taiwan, etc.. have different FoB style =)
Alot of modifications.

Hope you enjoy~

Korean Fob Fashion 

Thanx soompi,fobfashion,noelslifeme


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