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How to look like an ulzzang? Common Question!

"Hey! I cannot be like those pretty asian girls! " "Hey! I am not handsome like those asian boys?Besides I'm not asian." hm,well I am asian.but that is the famous words from non-asian.Really? You cant?
Nahh! Actualy you can. As we know,ulzzang is a popular group of boys and girls who have  fair asian skin(not too white not too dark),big black eyes and have a nice haircut! They are popular in internet with a cute pictures.Its a fact that asian love to post cute and want to look like a doll.Asian also love to be PALE.Honestly,I don't know why is that but majority they are!Some popular ulzzang are celebrity in Korea,since they have alot of people like them.
Mostly successful ulzzang(s) are from Asia region,because they naturally have the natural skin tone,and asian eyes.For example: Korea (it started from here ofc) & China.

Here! look at this! Its What the Heck?

Big eyes!! Fair skin!! Nice hair! Being cute!! Small & pink lips!
Ulzzang Characteristic
If you see a girl have a big eyes like this in reality,probably you run away.Its just an ulzzang picture.
So,then..its better to look natural.

Another ulzzang example

Ulzzang girl and boy.Both of them.looks more natural.Not too fair,less lightning.but still have big eyes,thin lips and cute face.They look like a now,lets try turn yourself like a dolly simple ulzzang first.


Have flawless skin! (means smooth skin)

❥ Things that you need:

1.Magic BB Cream or foundation
(Usually I just use BB cream only instead of foundation because my BB cream can act as foundation)


3.Liquid Black eyeliner




7.Big black circle eye lenses

8.Fake eye lashes

9.Double eye putti / Eyelid glue

First Step

Put the foundation or BB cream around your face with Kabuki brush (or thick brush) to make it evenly.Make sure the BB cream or foundation match your skin tone.By the way,some people use both bb cream and apply foundation too.I dont recommend this because,it doesn't make you look natural.It looks cakey.

Second step

Apply BB cream(again) or concealer(if you use foundation).Put BB cream or concealer around you eye circle,nose,chin and other area that are imperfect.This will highlight your face too to make it more fresh and natural.

Third step!


Afterthat,to prevent shine and oily face,apply loose powder around your face with brush.Dont put too thick!

Fourth step!

Apply circle lenses into your eyes.Now your eyes are bigger!

Fifth step!

As a base,use light pink shadow all over between your eyebrow and eyelash.Then,at the lower eyelid(until your eye crease), apply light brown shadow to make it natural.Oh yea! dont forget to double your eyelid first,if you have monolid.if you already have double eyelid,you dont need that 

Sixth step!

Theres 2 option..
1.Apply black eyeliner on the top lash line with small wing at the end. Afterthat,line you bottom lash line with black eyeliner too and connect it with the wing.
2.Apply liquid black eyeliner on the lower eyelid(top lash line).Next,at the start of bottom lash line(water line), you line only half of it, with black eyeliner, and the the remaining till the end half of bottom lash line you blend it with white eyeliner or white shadow.This will make your eyes pop.
If  too hard,I understand its hard to understand,you can just use the 1st option.

Seventh step!

My eyelashes

Use your fake eyelashes.Then,curl your eyelashes, mascara it with black and bottomr eyelashes.

Eight step!

Blush your cheeks with Blusher brush..Smile and blush it.Use light make it naturally pink tone skin.

Last step!

Gloss your lips with pink color.

Dont forget to brush and style up your hair!lol.You need ulzzang hairstyle!

Wear a proper outfit.FoB?Gyaru? 

Fob style by s2Sundaees2 

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Now you are ulzzang!!!! but oh what??! you don't know how to have ulzzang picture?


1.Go to the place that are bright.Take photo at day time.Its better .or under a white light.This will make your face naturally bright from start.
2.Pose like an asian like to do,act like cute.Example peace.fluffy face.

Cute asian pose asianposeDOTcom

3.Set your camera at the side and top from your eyes,so your eyes will follow look at your camera upward.Keep open wide your eyes.
4.smaller your lips.
5.snapshot.take alot of picture if you aren't photogenic.xD then choose the best.
6.Upload into your computer.photoshop it.add some deepen,contrast.Dont over photoshop it.let it be natural.Too weird with too much level of brightness.Then its done =D! Now you are net ulzzang.

You will be like her..natural ulzzang ♡   !

Well..Good luck!!
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  1. holy wow at the first picture! so Ulzzang is about eyes as well, i though it means pretty people only...mmmm, nice info. ^^

  2. yeah.her eyes realy and best face.thats what it is.But the characteristic of ulzzang,part of it,need to have big eyes and most of them using big circle lenses.xD

  3. Message me on AIM please :) I think you are really cute...and to be completely honest I have an asian fetish :3 -blush-

  4. good infos, glad to have your side about ulzzang, am from philippines and im starting to like it. teach me some techniques on HOW TO/make ups for ulzzang guy. (MALE HERE)

  5. sometimes, i love to be an ulzzang
    innocent look =)
    but dun try to hard to look too fake

  6. so easy to be ulzzang^^Thx for the tips

  7. i like the 1st picture.. better u run.. hahaha

  8. I think part of the reason why ulzzangs are more successful in Korea is because it's such a small country, so you can see them on the streets or even go to their school.


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