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Ulzzang Hairstyle

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Hey ! today i'm gonna talk about Asian hairstyle.Most people envy how those Korean or Japanese look so adorable,cute and have a cool face.Firstly,to mention,their hairstyle do effect their looks.I am not going to demonstrate "How to cut your hair like them" but just to show the type of hair that you may dream to have.To make it easy,we just go take a look at Ulzzangs(best face in Korean) hairstyle.Ulzzangs have a fair asian skin.Their picture looks great and of course with the help of their hair too.Without a nice hair and good skin,it would be difficult to have a nice picture to become an Ulzzang.So,lets take a look.

◕‿◕credits to MegaAsianBeauty◕‿◕

Those are the example of famous hairstyle.It is realy WOW! Mostly of them have long straight layer hair.But,doesn't mean that if you have a short hair you cannot style it up.Simple! layer it! It will be trendy and fashionable.Sideburn and fringe will do it! 

Not too short and not too long ty pe of hair

The front hair and with the top layer at the sides help her face look slim and smaller.Try it!

 Lee Youn Joo 

Miki or Youn Joo in this picture have a common long layer straight hair.You can try this out too.Actualy,with some hair color,it will help the hair look more attractive and looks great in the photo.Example,light brown,Dark brown,Honey hightlight.

Another Miki hairstyle.Short layer. I love this one.Realy stylish.Makes your face shape smaller.For the top layer kind of hair,mostly its more suit to use dark black color.More asian look.

 Seo Ji hye 

Slightly perm and Bob hair look alike.Simple and Nice.

Seo ji hyebubbly.Her Hair is actualy wavy. =)

 Choi Seo Hee 

Loose curl.Makes your hair thick.She looks like a doll.

Choi Seo Hee. Cutee! Reddish Hair (If you have a fair skin.Sure!) But personaly,some people looks awkward with this type of color.Just to remind,becareful choosing your hair color.

 Kim Bo Bae 
This one nice too! Brown,goldy hightlight!

 Park Han Byul 
Short Wavy hair with fringe.Matured look.


Cartoons Myspace CommentsNow,stop looking at girl hairstyle.For boys, look at this Ulzzang Boy hairstyle.Realy stylish.Cool! Nice shape and layer.Small oval face shape.Suit him.His hair color blended help the hair get to look fluffy.

 Lee Chi Hoon 

Another Sideburn and fringe! Asian love to have this kind of hair.Lee Chi Hoon,realy do have ulzzang face but of course with the help of hairstyle too.Very cute.You think you can be like him?

ღ Park Tae Jun 

Great black hair!  As for me, Park Tae Jun and Lee Chi Hoon hair slightly the same.Just the difference of their colors. Both of them are hot! In real,Black are always look lively and natural asian look.

So,ok..Thats it! Already have any Idea to cut your hair?Ask the professionals.
Another video for you.Qiqi,Ulzzang hairstyle.Enjoy.

◕‿◕ credits to bibizsilly ◕‿◕

Girls Myspace Comments

See Ya Next time! Decide the best for                 

                      your life !

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  1. I loved the videos. I want to try out a couple of styles. But I want to lighten my skin a lil bit first.

    1. hahaha me too i'm too tan right now and im not going outside as much so my complexion can get paler

  2. Nice.XD can be stylish with your natural skin though.and just use some foundation/BB cream =)

  3. Wonderful blog. The hair styles are really amazing and nice; i equally enjoyed some of yours other post too..
    I shall surely make it a point to return back to your blog again.

  4. how i wish my hair was straight enough to do that style :(

    nice entry btw :)

  5. @Trueno..which type of hair XD

  6. nice blog keep going sis... heheheh

  7. @Babam thanx! xD

    @ Trueno you can do it, ask the long as your hair long XD

  8. request please... its me again sis.. hahah i want to see about tae yang hair cut because i want too try to copy that hair cut!!

    make please2 >.< make an article about him hahah thx before

  9. @Babam : hehe.yes.sure.I will.Maybe both about of taejun and leechihoon :)

  10. Definitivamente es una ven kawaiiiii... yo no podria ni en sueños tener su look..buen blog


  11. amazed...*o*
    I'm asian and I have the worst fashion sense of all time. :) But this is so cool!

  12. i was wondering who the first guy was...
    u know the one above lee chi hoon??

  13. Excuse me...the owner of this blog.... Wat is the name of the ulzzang boy above lee chi hoon? Can you plese give it to me? I need it quite badly...PLease