Friday, February 25, 2011

Which type of people will easily attract your attention?

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Once upon a time..

 Lets gonna be destroyed and all of you need to move to planet Mars.There are some animal still left on earth,and you can only save 1 species of animal.Which type of animal will you choose?





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♡ Type people you may like is.. 

♧ Goat 
Naive,honest and obey what people ask to do

Have serious face and cold hearted look but actualy have a warm heart(friednly)

Enjoy and love freedom ( social)

Polite,graceful and smart

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So,you found out which type of person who caught your eyes?

Theres only one star will always stay in your heart.
Chiao! ^_~*v

Friday, February 18, 2011

What is FoB fashion?

Can you tell me what is FOB fashion?Another common question that alot of people asked me via email.Hm,because of people demand,I'm gladly to help.

What is FoB?

Fresh of the boat
Asians that moves to other foreign country for example USA
and doesn't know how to dress like them

What is FOB fashion?

Fob fashion started by asian people which brought their sense of fashion to the other country and become popular as asian style,but because they are a FOB they call it FOB fashion???It similar with westerner clothes???Some say yes.some say no,because they cannot really find asian/fobby clothes in some places such as America.Oh well..if you think bout it,the  differences on foBs are,its 
Korean,Japan,Taiwan and some others have different style
Besides,they have alot of layers and another asian fashion sense.
Its just a fashion.Some people,might love it and some hate it.Up to you.

Basic FoB fashion?


Top  Baggy or Oversize shirt (cloth that longer/over your waist),cardigans,wide neck(fell from shoulder),stripe,picture or words on shirt,hoody

Bottom   skinny jeans,tight,legging

Shoes ❥ Sneaker,converse,heels

Bag ❥ Oversize bag

Color ❥ Some are Colorful,bright,or just natural

LOL! ok..that one  TYPICAL, colorful oversize outfit with thin look legs.but it might change because of some inspiration.Such as, wearing a shorts with long socks/tights

Mostly FoB fashion style always looks cute.More or less like ulzzang style.

Fob Haircut

They have alot of layers cut and full fringe.
Can refer with Ulzzang hairstyle.Click here to read.

FoB inspiration

Take a look at the photos that I found.
(Include for guys fob fashion) 
for your own FoB style n Ideas.
Fashion is all about how you style it,that is why Korea,Japan,Taiwan, etc.. have different FoB style =)
Alot of modifications.

Hope you enjoy~

Korean Fob Fashion 

Thanx soompi,fobfashion,noelslifeme

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fall in love?How to know?

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Firstly,what is love? Love is feeling that you realy care or can lead you to obsession.

Have you ever fall in love FOR REAL??or its just admire and crush.

Psychologist said,it takes 90seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone.
Its not what you said,some people don't want to admit that they are in love with someone.

But we can see it thru

55%-body languages
38%- Tone and speed of your voices
7% - what you say

3 stages of love
Lust-powerful feeling with someone
Attraction- Intense feeling with physical and personality attraction toward another person
Attachment-Powerful bonds,always together

Dont understand?
Forget about it!! Hahaha.its confusing.

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Ok! signs that you fall in love!!

1.You miss him/her fastly even after you meet him/her

2.You think of him/her before you sleep

3.when you wake up,you think of him/her

4.When him/her smile at you,your heart beat faster

5.You listen to a love/slow song and think of him/her

6.You read again and again his/her text conversation many times

7.When you and him/her together,you become nervous/shy and you don't want the time to end.

8.You smile when you hear message tone, receive a message and hope,its him/her.

9.You've forgotten your ex ( If you have ex) want to have same interest with him/her

11.You cant stay mad at him/her for more than a minute or two.Actualy you try hard to stay mad.

12.You'll walk really slow when you with him/her

13.When he/she call or just listen to his voice you smile suddenly

14.When you look at him/her you cant see other people surrounding you.You only see him/her'll get high by the smell of him/her

16.You realize that you smile to yourself whenever you think of him

17.When you read this in your mind is him/her whole time!

Gotcha! WoW! Whose that?

Love Myspace CommentsPhysical Change

 Very hygienic (To be neat and clean)
  Introverted (usually)
 Happy (Pretending)
  OA (Over Acting if the someone is coming over)
  Planner (How to seize the attention of someone)


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Anxiety (For what they have felt)
  Loss of appetite (Occupied mind with someone)
Day Dreaming (Always thinking about the future, in short ambitious always associated with loss of hearing)
 Inspired (to impress the someone)
 Happy go lucky

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 For the one who want to decide, to ask, and be in relationship
->Is it this true?I'm in love for real?Am I serious with her?

Ask yourself

Am I willing to wait for this person if s/he is not ready to have sex?'

 'Would I feel the same way if s/he gained weight?'

'Am I willing to sacrifice my dreams to allow her/his dreams to come true?'

 'Do I respect and admire her/him?'

 'Would I feel the same way if s/he got sick?'

'If you two were in an argument, would you feel the same way?'

If you answered 'No' to any of these questions, think about why you gave that answer. Is it a lack of trust? Is it because you're afraid? Is it selfishness? Do you need more time to get to know each other?

If you answered 'Yes' to all of these questions, wow, you feel very strongly about this person. It sounds like you're in love

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Some info thanx to =]
probably can help some people if they are confuse.
So how?now you know your true feeling?hehe.Goodluck!

  • Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Shitsurakuen?Female students as a slave in Utopia Academy!


    Alternative Name 
    Shitsu Rakuen (NAOMURA Tooru); Paradise Lost; 失楽園

    Years of Released Status

     Author(s) and Artist(s
    Naomura Tooru

    ♀ Genre(s)

    ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHaremSchool LifeSci-fi, Shoujo-ai 


    Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

    Shitsurakuen or Paradise lost is one of the shonen manga done by Tōru Naomura.My friend Cheung Xinyi(funny Singaporean girl :P,or I can say cute?she will whack/punch/slam me if she read this,she rather to be called cool than cute) kept asking me to read this manga because she said that,hero character in this manga different.its a "SHE"! Go read! lol.and so... I read.And yeah,its quite interesting story.Ok its about virtual game held at an isolated school.No one know at first,the school develop game.I called it isolated private school because UTOPIA academy far away from town.To be more detail,the academy located at man-made island.Its like the school separate from outside world.That is why,no one knows what is going on there. Besides that,its super elite school.Only chosen one can study there.The male students there,I can call them INSANE PEOPLE!actualy the school is insane.WHy is that? This is because,actualy,its not a typical school as we know,such as go to school for study.More or less,its a school that develop for a virtual game that called as Exaclan.

    How the game work?

    The gamers are all MALE

    FEMALE as a weapon
    have special GLOVES given by the school.

    When the male students start the game,they will put on the gloves and summon the weapon that already programmed inside female student that the gamers already own or possess.When the weapons out from the female chest,both fighters will use the weapon to fight each other.As we know virtual game, have no blood if got beat.But the female which is the weapon still feel the pains.Not the user.This game more to girl abuse.When got defeated,the weapons broke,the female student will faint and unconcious.The broke female and weapon will be possess by a new master

     Shitsurakuen outfit

    How to win the game?
    They must collect all 6 stars.Only 6 weapons own by unknown female student they should possess.

    How the story goes?

    The hero in this manga,Himoto Sora,who like to dream to become a knight of justice and save his a girl.and when she's got invited into UTOPIA academy,theres error occur.She can summon weapon from a girl and have a gloves.Her school uniform also different than the other female student.Btw,Sora being a hero,when she see the girls get abused by their ,master,she cant stand it.Besides,she also want her dream to become a knight of justice to come true.She protect all those girls and wanted them to be under her possession.Btw,Sora as a hero,she is realy slow and naive.Her closest friend Aoi Tsuki support her.

    Shitsurakuen characters

    Its interesting and addicting.
    Hmm.I dont want to spoil it.Go read yourself at