Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saranghae Saranghae Saranghae~

Broken Heart Myspace Comments  Meaningful   - Truth - Forgetting

My heart stops,my breathing dies,you're leaving.
My heart is freezing,I loved you,I was happy.
I was born as your girl so I loved you endlessly.
That's it,I try to resist the urge to cry.

The raindrops soak my whole body.
I force myself again,look up and look at the sky.
The rain enters my eyes as I think of you.
And it replaces my tears I have been holding in
I loved you till madness and I was so very happy
The love memories given to me send you away
Goodbye my love love love
Take care my love love love
Even if the tears filling up soak my whole body
Now goodbye goodbye goodbye
Leave me and please be happy
One step,One step,you're going farther away

Silently,i fill up a glass of alcohol
As i hardly hold it with my hands,i let out a sigh
I drink one glass
As i think of you
I also swallow the tears I have been holding in

My heart is cold,I didn't know love
THANK YOU,realy.I now understand that this is what love is!

My heart stops,my breathing dies,you're leaving
Goodbye my love
Take care,my love
Even if the tears filling up soak my whole body
Now goodbye
Leave me and please be happy
One step,One step,you're going farther away

The raindrops soak my whole body,I look at the sky
Even if the tears filling up soak my whole body
Now goodbye,goodbye,goodbye
Leave me and please be happy
One step,One step,you're going farther away

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We are Rule!!!!

Cartoons Myspace CommentsFinally...I can post all these screenshots.Some of screenshots were took on trial guild event.

Guild tower

Haa....these two shots were took on guild event XD
Cartoons Myspace Comments



On trial guild event day,lacky brought us here.. XD Cartoons Myspace Comments



I was bored... XD

I dont have any idea,what to do.So I just make it like this XD
Me,neko and lacky 

Took on guild tower too..

Hehehe... I re-edit this shots 

Cartoons Myspace Comments

Player kill mode,we were in Italy

Sea war! Part of our guild event activities 

Cartoons Myspace Comments
              Everything are fun in florensia if we have    great friends....

Day & Night ~

These are screenshots in Florensia Online.As we can see here..when we at sea..while we sailing or anchor,If you are attentive,maybe you realise this earlier.

I found sun,while i was like relax for abit XD

When I moved..the sun goes down,then it become sunset 

Night comes

Afterhat....theres alot of stars and also moon appear up above.I guess this is midnight

Cartoons Myspace Comments
If you want to check this is true or not
Just go near the port and anchor there,or just sail..while looking at the sky..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hanami Fiesta...!

Hello! Myspace Comments

Hanami is a japanese language which related with flower,comes from word "Hana".Hanami (花見?, lit. "flower viewing") is the Japanese traditionacustom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, "flower" in this case almost always meaning cherry blossoms or ume blossoms.You can check more detail about Hanami on Hanami-Wikipedia.Flonresia held Hanami festival last 2 months,maybe around April and May,by adding Sakura tree! which is cherry blossoms.They updated itemshop,because at the same time we have easter monday.After the season,they have Kimono on sale,which boost exp and make us easy to levelling.But,its one,they dont have special stat,for example,increase exp by 100%.But what I want to tell is,those Kimono's and Hakamas realy are goergeous and elegant.I wish I can wear that kimono in real.Here are some screenshots.

I like the tree so much.Realy lively and blooming.I want to sleep under cherry blossoms tree! The outfit that I use in the picture called Yukata.Yukata is also a traditional costume for Japanese,same as Kimono.

This is Pink Kimono! Isn't it adorable,gorgeous and elegant?It's realy unique with the flower design.It boost Hp and recover Hp.

The Hakamas makes male character looks cool,and elegant.0.0 Besides,when using sword or rapier,it makes the character have style and look like Samurai lagendary.Sword and hakamas are perfect match.

Dead bodies are buried under the cherry trees!

Funny Myspace CommentsIts a popular quote when its about to hanami.That's all for now.

-laptop screen is shacking like mad now-

*-* eyes hurt 

Florensia Bug ?! :O

Funny Myspace Comments

There are many bugs had been fixed and also hasn't fixed yet.I should take many screenshots when my character it looks funny.When in your screen,you are dead,but on others screen you appear normal.I'm glad that Crimson skill already fixed,if not maybe I already get banned now."I will depex you,If you do it again,hey,he is high level than you". I was like,what the heck is that for.Whats the point being high level than me,you're dead,not my fault.psshh.his the one who bullied me.But,sigh~ after it fixed,the skill is not godly anymore,people can use antidote to get rid of it.Really not fair!Well,If you are lucky enough,who knows they don't bring any antidote.LOL! The other one is,suddenly,our character have different hair.Black hair turn to blonde one.Or,ponnytail hairstyle turn into long free hairstyle XD! Can we make over our appearance again?I hope we on xNadiya hair.Here..check this out.

There's..Nadiya.glitch.she looks different.She use to have brownish free long hairstyle.Suddenly,become blonder

IM DEAD LIAO! I came from sea.Only tower can fix me,so I can move again.But ended,I'm also dead inside tower.sheesh.pissed off.But,Myra said,my hp is,its only on my screen,but the others,see that I stand up alive.xD Wat a bug!

How can he fish like that?? ahahaha! got

This is the glitch in Exeter island.I can relax in this small house.LOL! :( oops.I forgot to screen how the interior design look.But nothing fun,just a wood.xD

Next time,I will just screen everything weird.
Only that just for now.
My laptop screen have a problem.
My eyes hurt.
So,I cant write much.
I will update it soon.see ya.

Funny Myspace Comments
Funny Myspace Comments

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today..Such a dull Day~

I am realy dont have any idea on what to do. Looking at my Desktop,totally makes me stress out.It's realy crowded.But still,at the moment i dont have any mood to clean it. XD

See! Its realy! Well..My lappy also like to be not responding and Auto shutdown!

Now,Florensia online is under maintenance.Maybe they gonna fix about the crash issue.The weird thing is,I did'nt disconnect from it XD! But,If florensia dont have the crash issue,I like to disconnect it by myself.That is because of my Internet provider,give us such bad service.=X! Not gonna mention it here,

Today,I played Gatcha,I waste 2k ap just like that.As usual,I am not such a lucky girl.I should just ask my luckyboy to play! Why now,I think about that.Well...Flo gave me 2 pink stones (I forgot its boost what) and 7days account ticket.Urgh! I dont realy need that! XD Well,I will just sell those stuff! 

I miss Land!!

I need to aoe alot! I need to reach 84 to tower soon.(talk about my exca,Shioru29)! She's busy at sea now. *o* Need to make sea to 33!Well...Other characters Im lazy to level them.This is my 1st account xD!Shaoru,was wannabe "Dexca",but then I found becoming a full dex,realy makes me bored,people keep request pvp on her.pssh! and of course she will lose! duhh~! later she become a pro fisher.Well..other characters..I wonder If they are still alive or i already deleted them?:P!

-was took a long time ago-

Im sneaking inside a Droes for awhile.I trap inside about 1months XD.Until Someone ask for my help then I tele out.Afterthat,I stay at sea until now! I realy miss land! >_<"

 LoL! We're gonna fried these chickens! <3 No need to go to KFC! I miss these chickens too.I want Power of Magic powders! xO

This Dragon called Serbi or Serbetus xD! Isnt she looks adorable!I was stonning there waiting to die.I cant run away.;x Freezing! But Im not die yet! hehe. Serbi likes me.So she dont want to kill me! But once,she BREATHING! euww! Im dying! too stinky!So,then...Now,Im back into florensia again <3 I miss alot of thinngs.Waiting for florensia to come back on now.I hope theres a new update that worth to be wait.That's all from me.Well,will be continue.Peace out ^o^!


Its been for awhile


Behold!! Explorer Girls Power!! XD
We're gonna be a great fisher and exca :P

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exam Week!

About Me Myspace Comments

An apologize to all my mates! I cant be online on Florensia for awhile now until 7th May.Besides that,I want to inform you all,most members in Shikobers are busy with coursework and exam too.A bit death until May or June.(psst,but i will be back active on May though XD).So,to those who still playing, Ganbatte Minna! Have fun! and Enjoy on your journey to levelling.Don't give up to achieve level 99!<3

Bye Myspace Comments

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Member

Welcome to OShiKoBerO Guild!!

Please make it like your home XD!


~Thanx for your cooperation~

Saturday, February 27, 2010

OShiKoBerO logo! for temporary?wait and see. =s

Our logo!
Temporary maybe? XD
Power Of Friendship

OShiKoBerO Logo

Cat Foot Prints with 3 fingers
-Represent N3ko-
-Have many lifes-
-3 fingers shows Friendship-
-Round shape,our guild is international guild-

Ths Sword 
-Represent lackycyber-
-Shows our strenght/bravery-
-We like to Suicide? XD Dont scared of risk!-

-Represent Shioru29-
-Reaching up to the sky,able to achieve our mission-
-Believe in ourself and don't give up-

The lights
-Shows our spirit and Wisdom-
-hope 4 a great Future-

Pirate Symbol
-Fun and Joy,live in one ship!-

Just create it in 1 day! If there is any sugestion or anything to add,Post comment under this post,dont comment in Chatbox,because can be vanish,and im unable to read.I will apreciate it  XD thank you.

Soon! There will be a comic from one of our VGM!
Im so Tempted >_<

Welcome To New Members!

Welcome to our Guild World Ladies and Gentlemen


When Online please just don't be too silent,because atleast we know you are exist XD!
I love to know you all more ;)

~Thank you for your cooperation~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

His My Valentine!

Valentines Day is already Over,but we are still In a Month of Love.
~Wish you all~

These are my Valentine Screenshots,in Florensia Online.

..Starring by..

Shioru29 & Velzivel


~Me and My love one Are Going to Heaven~


Sweet Memory <3

~I will trade My heart For the Rosses~

We are live happily Ever After