Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today..Such a dull Day~

I am realy dont have any idea on what to do. Looking at my Desktop,totally makes me stress out.It's realy crowded.But still,at the moment i dont have any mood to clean it. XD

See! Its realy! Well..My lappy also like to be not responding and Auto shutdown!

Now,Florensia online is under maintenance.Maybe they gonna fix about the crash issue.The weird thing is,I did'nt disconnect from it XD! But,If florensia dont have the crash issue,I like to disconnect it by myself.That is because of my Internet provider,give us such bad service.=X! Not gonna mention it here,

Today,I played Gatcha,I waste 2k ap just like that.As usual,I am not such a lucky girl.I should just ask my luckyboy to play! Why now,I think about that.Well...Flo gave me 2 pink stones (I forgot its boost what) and 7days account ticket.Urgh! I dont realy need that! XD Well,I will just sell those stuff! 

I miss Land!!

I need to aoe alot! I need to reach 84 to tower soon.(talk about my exca,Shioru29)! She's busy at sea now. *o* Need to make sea to 33!Well...Other characters Im lazy to level them.This is my 1st account xD!Shaoru,was wannabe "Dexca",but then I found becoming a full dex,realy makes me bored,people keep request pvp on her.pssh! and of course she will lose! duhh~! later she become a pro fisher.Well..other characters..I wonder If they are still alive or i already deleted them?:P!

-was took a long time ago-

Im sneaking inside a Droes for awhile.I trap inside about 1months XD.Until Someone ask for my help then I tele out.Afterthat,I stay at sea until now! I realy miss land! >_<"

 LoL! We're gonna fried these chickens! <3 No need to go to KFC! I miss these chickens too.I want Power of Magic powders! xO

This Dragon called Serbi or Serbetus xD! Isnt she looks adorable!I was stonning there waiting to die.I cant run away.;x Freezing! But Im not die yet! hehe. Serbi likes me.So she dont want to kill me! But once,she BREATHING! euww! Im dying! too stinky!So,then...Now,Im back into florensia again <3 I miss alot of thinngs.Waiting for florensia to come back on now.I hope theres a new update that worth to be wait.That's all from me.Well,will be continue.Peace out ^o^!


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