Payment method

For now we accept

Bank transfer/Cash Deposit/ATM/Internet Banking

The account details, name and number only be given out along with invoices for your reference after you replace an order.Ty!

Please make sure to inform us the payment details after you already made a payment. Buyer are advice to make payment and inform us as soon as possible within 2days to reserved & avoid out of stock. Otherwise, order automatically cancelled and available for other to purchase. Order only proceed and deliver after full payment has been made. Eventhough the item currently is in Stock. Item based on First paid-First served. We will contact you within 2 days of given period of payment if your order item is find sold out before you pay. Don't worry, Money is ONLY ALLOWED refundable OR credit balance  if item is unexpectedly just  found out of stock  after payment has been made. OR you can replace to other item with same price OR wait for Restock.If hesitate,You may directly message/whatsapp : 010-5922529 for confirmation of  stock availability once again when you are about to make a payment on that day. Any payment made before 1pm on the weekday we are able to prepare the shipment and send it out the day itself.

Customers are strictly need to send payment details to us via email or whatsapp after payment

*Payment Date:
* Payment Time:
* Total amount:
* Banking Method:
* Invoice Number: 
*Payment Evidence : (Reference number / Scan of physical copy slip)
* Ur Payment to : CIMB/Bank Islam/Hong leong Bank


We also accept Paypal

With PayPal, your financial info and purchases are better protected. You save time shopping online and sending money. And you get more ways to cover your payments.Paypal is a a trusted site where it has been give a high security service for Online shopper since long time ago
We will give out our Paypal Email,along with invoices.TQ!

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Worry that your item Out of Stock? Can’t manage to pay the full price,within 2days after order? To reserve your items, within 2days you can pay (- RM10 per item) as deposit! After you manage to make full payment, we will deliver your reserved items. Please email or pm us in facebook if you want to reserved your item, together with order item details. We will give you a reserved invoice. Item only reserved after deposit payment has been made. Inform us the payment details after every payment of First payment and second payment.

 Reserved Item policy

Full payment of reserved item is advice to make a payment within 45days otherwise order will automatically cancel after the time given and available for other to purchase. Money is NOT REFUNDABLE, ITEM SIZE, COLOR & QUANTITY CANNOT BE CHANGED for reserved item. 

P/s: For CASH DEPOSIT MACHINE,some machine accept only RM10,RM50 and RM100.NO REFUND if you pay more.We will save your balance for your next purchase.As in a credit/prepaid for you.If you don't want to wait for next purchase,you can add item that have a price same with your balance.So Please bank in the actual amount.

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