Monday, June 21, 2010

Florensia Bug ?! :O

Funny Myspace Comments

There are many bugs had been fixed and also hasn't fixed yet.I should take many screenshots when my character it looks funny.When in your screen,you are dead,but on others screen you appear normal.I'm glad that Crimson skill already fixed,if not maybe I already get banned now."I will depex you,If you do it again,hey,he is high level than you". I was like,what the heck is that for.Whats the point being high level than me,you're dead,not my fault.psshh.his the one who bullied me.But,sigh~ after it fixed,the skill is not godly anymore,people can use antidote to get rid of it.Really not fair!Well,If you are lucky enough,who knows they don't bring any antidote.LOL! The other one is,suddenly,our character have different hair.Black hair turn to blonde one.Or,ponnytail hairstyle turn into long free hairstyle XD! Can we make over our appearance again?I hope we on xNadiya hair.Here..check this out.

There's..Nadiya.glitch.she looks different.She use to have brownish free long hairstyle.Suddenly,become blonder

IM DEAD LIAO! I came from sea.Only tower can fix me,so I can move again.But ended,I'm also dead inside tower.sheesh.pissed off.But,Myra said,my hp is,its only on my screen,but the others,see that I stand up alive.xD Wat a bug!

How can he fish like that?? ahahaha! got

This is the glitch in Exeter island.I can relax in this small house.LOL! :( oops.I forgot to screen how the interior design look.But nothing fun,just a wood.xD

Next time,I will just screen everything weird.
Only that just for now.
My laptop screen have a problem.
My eyes hurt.
So,I cant write much.
I will update it soon.see ya.

Funny Myspace Comments
Funny Myspace Comments

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