Monday, June 21, 2010

Hanami Fiesta...!

Hello! Myspace Comments

Hanami is a japanese language which related with flower,comes from word "Hana".Hanami (花見?, lit. "flower viewing") is the Japanese traditionacustom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, "flower" in this case almost always meaning cherry blossoms or ume blossoms.You can check more detail about Hanami on Hanami-Wikipedia.Flonresia held Hanami festival last 2 months,maybe around April and May,by adding Sakura tree! which is cherry blossoms.They updated itemshop,because at the same time we have easter monday.After the season,they have Kimono on sale,which boost exp and make us easy to levelling.But,its one,they dont have special stat,for example,increase exp by 100%.But what I want to tell is,those Kimono's and Hakamas realy are goergeous and elegant.I wish I can wear that kimono in real.Here are some screenshots.

I like the tree so much.Realy lively and blooming.I want to sleep under cherry blossoms tree! The outfit that I use in the picture called Yukata.Yukata is also a traditional costume for Japanese,same as Kimono.

This is Pink Kimono! Isn't it adorable,gorgeous and elegant?It's realy unique with the flower design.It boost Hp and recover Hp.

The Hakamas makes male character looks cool,and elegant.0.0 Besides,when using sword or rapier,it makes the character have style and look like Samurai lagendary.Sword and hakamas are perfect match.

Dead bodies are buried under the cherry trees!

Funny Myspace CommentsIts a popular quote when its about to hanami.That's all for now.

-laptop screen is shacking like mad now-

*-* eyes hurt 


  1. waaahhhhhhhh so cutttttteeeeeeeee. the kimono really looks adorable and elegant. And it suit you too XDDDDDD

  2. Yeap!! XD I think it suit lacky too.XD