Saturday, February 27, 2010

OShiKoBerO logo! for temporary?wait and see. =s

Our logo!
Temporary maybe? XD
Power Of Friendship

OShiKoBerO Logo

Cat Foot Prints with 3 fingers
-Represent N3ko-
-Have many lifes-
-3 fingers shows Friendship-
-Round shape,our guild is international guild-

Ths Sword 
-Represent lackycyber-
-Shows our strenght/bravery-
-We like to Suicide? XD Dont scared of risk!-

-Represent Shioru29-
-Reaching up to the sky,able to achieve our mission-
-Believe in ourself and don't give up-

The lights
-Shows our spirit and Wisdom-
-hope 4 a great Future-

Pirate Symbol
-Fun and Joy,live in one ship!-

Just create it in 1 day! If there is any sugestion or anything to add,Post comment under this post,dont comment in Chatbox,because can be vanish,and im unable to read.I will apreciate it  XD thank you.

Soon! There will be a comic from one of our VGM!
Im so Tempted >_<

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