Monday, February 15, 2010

We Invade McD and Borneo Magic

Last week,We went out from UiTM to help Anyce to take back her Mycard from JPN.Skip bout her Mycard story xD!What i want to shout here is..Im realy hungry by that time.We went to McD after like passed 2hours.=_=!

Waiter: Makan ctok or take away?(eat here or take away)
P-lo:Makan ctok(eat here)
Ezza: Lamak ka kerja kat ctok?(Is it long time already you work in here?)
Waiter:Aok,lamak la juak(yes,quite long)
Eza: Macam baru bah(looks like new)
Me: Kawan eza sama openg kali(dalam ati)-(maybe her friend frm her
Cashier: Gik cuti,kerja part time habis spm.haha.(well,its holiday.working part time,finished spm)
Anyce:Kau za,sukati jak.Macam la ko kenal.(eza!u talk like u know him well)
Eza: ahhahaa..
Waiter: ....
Me: Mcflurry!doublecheese!!yajak.

LOL..Eza talk like he know that guy very well.! hahaha.So,i wont bother,why eza asked too much question to that waiter..-_-||

McD in Kuching,Sarawak

~While eating~


Hahha,there is a case happened here.Anyce chiken,when she opened it..there is bulu inside it.opps! a hair.So,we called the waiter to change the chicken with a new chicken! xD wonder,whose and what hair is that?euwh!








I WanT to Kiss Ezza!!


P-Lo Shopaholic!



*close all underage people eyes* >.<

~Borneo Magic~
We act like we are tourist

 Eza belajar menyumpit! ahahha.dengan penuh kekusyukkan

~Unic things that i had found in this shop~


~Promote Bag~

I found cowboy hat in there! 0_0

We made the workers cant go back home xD!

We are still inside,the gate almost closed

Look at the sky on that time

Happy ENding!

 Im out wholeday!Woo! peace yo!!

And Of course Im tired! xD
This is the picture of cloth in Borneo Magic x) (p-lo new cloth,she bought it)


These are the mascot that we met in Boulevard Hypermarket xD
almost Chinese New Year of course.
They are so huge!! I feel want to hug.But,err,wonder whose inside! xD

Well,that's all for now.Actualy,we have invade many places,but we dont take much picture.

Have FUN!
Bye Myspace Comments

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