Thursday, February 10, 2011

KaRa are Stylish ≥‿≤ ! (Part 1)

 Hello readers,Introduce you our gorgeous K-pop idols, Kara! As we know,they are all equally pretty and cute.

I adore Kara when I watched "Pretty girl" mv,their 2nd mini album(2008).They look so cute in those outfit.Funky and attractive.

 Pretty Girl by parkerlewisrocks 

 Goo Hara the honey,was the first Kara's member that caught my eyes.She's the one at the starter, banging her head with headphone I like her because of her style,color,headphone and stripe socks.

 Follow by Park Gyuri,at 0.47 the goddess,Kara leader, with the yellow glasses.Cute =3!I guess both of them attracted me because of their pigtails.

Third one,Han SeungYeon the Bigsmile or Ham!Overall,as for me,she is the cutest,not only in here but in other music videos too.I love her eyes and small face.At 1.04,when Nicole touch her hair,I love this part. 

Jung Nicole 0.51. I am her fan now.She is hot with her short hair,different than the others.I like how she act,dance and talk!!Everything!  

Kang Jiyoung  at 1.28 is the baby in this group.Called rice cake because of her fair skin.Besides that,for me,she is natural and innocent.

♫ Former Kara member

Kim Sunghee.Sungja her nick, have alot of fans when she was in Kara,or until now I guess.Other than that,she is a lovely person.She can sing and dance very well.I like her style in Break it Mv.look into her eyes.I like it. at  0.19

Break it by alienjantan

Apart from it.I like Seung yeon here!! 1.30. That hair realy suit on her with her small face!Besides that she wearing hip-hop fashion and style there,with the big sweater hood and cap.Love old Seung yeon!


 Natural Kara 

*liking Hara(using skirt) and Seungyeon dress up(the one that smile widely with white shortpants)*

Most Chinese at my country from my sight love to dress up like Haea.Black skirt with long socks with shoes.It still looks great too,If you wear with shoes without heels.example ballet like or canvas shoes.

Rock Kara!
Rock your body I say Rock your body! xD
Look at their hair,volumized and curly,different than others.Gyuri checkered skinny jeans was on fashion trend last year.Besides that,same goes to Seungyeon dress.

Kara in sleeveless shirt with legging and skinny jeans.For a sleeveless top,it is better to use long legging or skinny jeans instead of short or half.This will make your body look more outstanding and confidence.

Kara's in Gold.Silver.Shock Pink.
Luxurious and materialistic feminine style.

 Now which you prefer?

Women in Black!
Hot and elegant


White Angel!
Holy and charming

Karas transform to cat?????

Nicole seems to be a black cat there.So cool and hot.I like her short.While Seungyeon is realy cute being a white cat with white dress.Gyuri is a persian cat?because her ears have fur and so do her hands x3.Jiyoung,she doesn't look much like a cat.She likes a bear.look at her ears shape.rounded and the fur that covered her shoulders.Since, like a wild cat that can be kept in a cage at zoo,that will gain attention from visitors.

little Bear Jiyoung >.< cute!

Then what about this???Chubby?Fluffy?

They turn from a cat to a various animal.Guess.which animal is who? XD
Who do you want to bring back as a pet?
 Rabbit--Park Gyuri

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Will be continue.....

*Thanx to allkpop



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  2. Nice^^.i like kara too and nicole jung is my fav member..hi5 with u.i like her coz she is hot.