Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shitsurakuen?Female students as a slave in Utopia Academy!


Alternative Name 
Shitsu Rakuen (NAOMURA Tooru); Paradise Lost; 失楽園

Years of Released Status

 Author(s) and Artist(s
Naomura Tooru

♀ Genre(s)

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHaremSchool LifeSci-fi, Shoujo-ai 


Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

Shitsurakuen or Paradise lost is one of the shonen manga done by Tōru Naomura.My friend Cheung Xinyi(funny Singaporean girl :P,or I can say cute?she will whack/punch/slam me if she read this,she rather to be called cool than cute) kept asking me to read this manga because she said that,hero character in this manga different.its a "SHE"! Go read! lol.and so... I read.And yeah,its quite interesting story.Ok its about virtual game held at an isolated school.No one know at first,the school develop game.I called it isolated private school because UTOPIA academy far away from town.To be more detail,the academy located at man-made island.Its like the school separate from outside world.That is why,no one knows what is going on there. Besides that,its super elite school.Only chosen one can study there.The male students there,I can call them INSANE PEOPLE!actualy the school is insane.WHy is that? This is because,actualy,its not a typical school as we know,such as go to school for study.More or less,its a school that develop for a virtual game that called as Exaclan.

How the game work?

The gamers are all MALE

FEMALE as a weapon
have special GLOVES given by the school.

When the male students start the game,they will put on the gloves and summon the weapon that already programmed inside female student that the gamers already own or possess.When the weapons out from the female chest,both fighters will use the weapon to fight each other.As we know virtual game, have no blood if got beat.But the female which is the weapon still feel the pains.Not the user.This game more to girl abuse.When got defeated,the weapons broke,the female student will faint and unconcious.The broke female and weapon will be possess by a new master

 Shitsurakuen outfit

How to win the game?
They must collect all 6 stars.Only 6 weapons own by unknown female student they should possess.

How the story goes?

The hero in this manga,Himoto Sora,who like to dream to become a knight of justice and save his princess.But.lol.shes a girl.and when she's got invited into UTOPIA academy,theres error occur.She can summon weapon from a girl and have a gloves.Her school uniform also different than the other female student.Btw,Sora being a hero,when she see the girls get abused by their ,master,she cant stand it.Besides,she also want her dream to become a knight of justice to come true.She protect all those girls and wanted them to be under her possession.Btw,Sora as a hero,she is realy slow and naive.Her closest friend Aoi Tsuki support her.

Shitsurakuen characters

Its interesting and addicting.
Hmm.I dont want to spoil it.Go read yourself at


  1. waw! mmm...reminds me of soul eater and pokemon crossover haha

  2. EH??which part makes you remembered pokemon.lol.souleater atleast its fine xD