Saturday, February 5, 2011


Omg!! Its been a long time I did not spend my time with SnSD.Too Busy.Now I am going to watch some of their videos,that I haven't not watch yet. Oh well.Enjoy   Personally,I love Taeyeon.She's cute.Sarangae!!


Realy,I am addicted with Snowy Wish

♡ Girls' Generation Visual Dreams (Intel Collaboration Song) 

Besides that, Found this! Associate with Intel and a song about processor?lol 

♡ SNSD - Poker Face / Wannabe / Sweet Dreams / Get The Party Started(Apr 10, 2010)

While youtubing,I got this.And.Omg! they sing some English song!Not perfect but worth to try.Their pronounciation getting better from time to their dress too 

That's it for today.Anything want to share about

 SnSd(Girls generation),please don't hesitate to click post

 comment.Cya x3


  1. Girls generation looks like fun! cuteness..

    XO Sweetie

  2. yes.they are....xD and gorgeous too.