Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is Ulzzang?

What is Ulzzang?

Ulzzang simply known as "Best face" in English term which is popular word for now.
 Ul - Face
zzang - Best

To Pronounce it
 Eol - jjang

In other word, it means good looking,pretty-cute/handsome-cute with asian-look.

Ulzzang - A best face person which is popular from internet,and share their nice pictures with asian pose.
Example of Asian pose - Peace sign,Salute,Heart sign,kissy pose
check here -

Ulzzang style more to something like, FoB fashion,doesn't shows too much skin,innocent look and baby face.

Ulzzang is a Korean word,so it started from Korea :)! Korean Ulzzang inspired other country Ulzzang.Such as Taiwanese Ulzzang and Indonesian Ulzzang.Even Japan have their own Ulzzang,they have their own version,which called as Gyaru.(Gyaru and Ulzzang history are difference)
Now it becomes popular to the other country,not only in Asia but also in other region such as Europe and United states. 

More of that, Ulzzang is a net idol besides than having a good look,they are popular in internet,and share their pictures into the social website.Which is started from Cyworld.
Some of them manage to become a model, actor/actress and or form a group such as K-pop.

Due to popularity, there are alot of Ulzzang contest which you can find in social website such as facebook. However to become Ulzzang,not necessarily to enter and win. Some will become Ulzzang when their friends or fans call them Ulzzang :)! For example, popular at school due to good look.

Korean Ulzzang - Seo Ji Hye  

Ulzzang have their own make-up version. Ulzzangs must have a big round eyes,using eyeliners,so some of them wear circle eye-lenses and fake eyelashes.They also have small pointed nose and small lips.Some Ulzzang photoshop their pictures. You can find many tutorials in Youtube. Just type Ulzzang makeup :)

Ulzzangs - Shioru (Top) and Seo Ji hye (Bottom)
I inspired by Korean Ulzzang Seo Ji hye (I love her)

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For more detail about Ulzzang,you can visit Ulzzang website such as!
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