Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ulzzang Fashion Inspiration - Magic Dress

Shioru Ha Ra
The latest picture of me taken : 19/9/2012

Hello! It's been awhile I did not post anything here. Was been so busy with works. However, I resigned. I plan to further study next year. So, now I'm just doing "ONLINE JOB". While sitting alot infront of my lappy, I got some inspiration. Yes! like the title, about ULZZANG fashion again..
Actualy more or like Korean fashion. To say it globally Asian style. LoL 

What more can I say? Let see some new dress this time. They come in different prints but same design.

Let's look at this

There are four  types of pattern.


A polkadot pattern is a classic design which suit for all ages. It can be a retro style.So,do You think, polkadot fashion is just  for 60s? It becomes popular because of Minnie Mouse. Designer think its a must have pattern. Everyone can wear it."Polka dots can never go out of fashion" by Purvaja Sawant.  This is true. You can mix and match it , create your own style. This vintage look now can turn you into an innocent girl. This dress now become one of my favourite. Polkadots and peter pan collar. Yes, i love it. Enough about polkadots? Ok, next~ =D

Walk like a catwalk!

You must wondered how does this pattern look like. kitten? Here the close look.

Are you an animal lover?Do you like cat? *o* This is a cute pattern right. It something new to have. The kittens are in small size.Thus, it won't look messy. Still a simple dress and goes purr~ :3

Love Prints. This is nice to wear together with other accessories. Such as necklace,earings,bracelet etc :)
For example, key design accessory or other small design with diamond. 

What a big bow prints O_O! I'm not realy fan of this patten. However, if you want to take a picture, wear a ribbon as accessory such as hair band.Choose a right color, such as black.Then, do a big spiral curl blonde hair :3 Looks adorable.

Some people, doesn't want to show their skin. Example, not a sleeveless wearer.Or want to use it at night? Tips, you can wear cardigan with this type of dress. Also, you can use long socks, to cover your legs.

Here are the pictures of some Ulzzangs wearing a dress with cardigan and socks

This picture, as you can see,
on the right side she wear together with cardigan.

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Thanks for reading (^_^)/

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  1. Ah! Very cute dresses!! >w<
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