Monday, June 27, 2011

Ulzzang Summer time!

It is summer now! The fashion trend change too?
What does Ulzzang wear during summer time?

Hong Young Ki

Let's take a lo
ok some photos
Cute and simple~!

Usually when there os a hot weather white shirt will be the most suitable color to wear. Less hot!


Such a simple look


What about this one?

Sweet and lovely!

Clean look


I like this very confortable look. Casual

Take a walk

Wow hot pure look~ 

Kyaaaaaaaaa~! Cute much!

Look into her pretty eyes!

Hong Young Ki :
Kamsamnida! we know we are cute~ So do our fans~!

Conclusion : During summer season the best color is white or light color, Short outfit such as shortpants or to avoid sunburn,use legging or socks.Besides that,in Korea usually theres a heavy rain during the season~! Prepare a hood! >.<

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  1. I think their wearing nautical stuff now.
    I've been seeing those trends around lately.(: