Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to make chocolate?

Hello my dearest Readers 

Why are you here? Must be you are chocolate lovers? *o*

Don't you EVER want to try TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOCOLATEs? instead of buying it 

When we eat chocolates or when we buy chocolates are they chocolates or compounds?

Actualy, I am not going to teach you how to make it here..
YOU NEED TO PRACTICALLY DOING IT YOURSELF along with the tutor which is qualified,expert in doing a handmade chocolate! By Theories (follow book recipe),You're going to failed,or succesful,but low quality texture and taste  ≤ [98% feedback]


A.U.V.A Academy 

Basic Handmade chocolate course

Basic Handmade chocolate course (Apply Couverture chocolate)

In this course, You will learn about

♡ Introduction of chocolates 
♡ Chocolates for business purpose (Way to become chocolate entrepreneurs) 
♡ Packaging 
 Both theories and practical 
 Full Day class!! 
 Teach you detailed about making chocolate 
♡ Full information 
 You will make various of chocolates recipes (compound and couverture) 
Certificate for participants! You will need it to become an entrepreneur of making chocolate!

All tools will be supplied by AUVA academy. Particpants will also be provided with 500 gr of Chocolate each, 2 chocloate molds each (to bring home). 

Participants are to bring their own camera, pen and pencil,note book and CLEAN CLOTH.Also container to bring your chocolates home.

FREE : Notes,mould,chocolates,cocoa tree seeds

*suitable for the people who wants to make her own business in chocolate making 

Making chocolate workshop (Apply compound chocolate only)

In workshop, You will learn about

♡ Introduction of chocolates 
 Basic design 
♡ Both theories and practical 
 Half day class!! 
 Teach you a basic about making chocolate 
 General information 
♡ You will learn and make your own compound chocolate recipes 

Note: Please bring along 1.apron, 2.Clean cloth, 3.Camera, 4.container to bring your chocolates home
Other tools will be supplied

Free: Notes and chocolates

*suitable for the people who want to join as a hobby

What is compound and couverture chocolate?
That is why you need to join us!

Check this out! During the courses and workshop session


Basic Handmade chocolate course : RM 350
Chocolate making workshop : RM 55

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For more detail,Please contact 
Shaira - 0105922529

P/s The nearest date for course and workshop will be held on 22th June and 23rd June!!
Hurry up! First  come first serve basis!

For the people who lives in Kuching,Sarawak! Congratulations! You are the lucky one! A.U.V.A academy located at Jalan Astana,Kampung Tunku

However,for the people who lives outside Kuching,for example Kuala Lumpur we are still available for you.

Please contact us for arrangement and further detail

Come on!! Lets Join us!! New skill might change your future!!

Our advertisement available in UTUSAN SARAWAK except Sunday


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  3. I would love to find out buht most likely I'll end up just buying it.(x