Saturday, March 5, 2011

Which chocolate are you?

Hello. I was so hungry.I only think about food while doing my research on Italian cuisine for our coursework.Then I found something great about chocolate.Oh yummy!! ( I don't like sweet) but I'm hungry,everything can get melt inside my

Which one is your favourite chocolate ♥ ?
So lets get started.Read test yourself

Which one is your favourite chocolate ♥ ?

A.Milk Chocolate

B. Mix Chocolate

C. Dark Chocolate 

D. White Chocolate

Analysis............................Anime Myspace

 Milk Chocolate 

You are attentive person and loves beauty.By remembering your past life,doesn't make you down,but it motivate you to move forward.

 Mix Chocolate 

Such a flexible person.You are full of spirit,confident and can adapt with surrounding,follow the trend.You dont like to being left by.

 Dark Chocolate 

Think far/thoroughly(futuristic).You always being up-to-date person,knowing the latest news.You want to be different than to be unique.Besides that,you like to collect what people had given to you.

 White Chocolate 

You have the power to rule the world! But you always think twice or not confident to make some decision.If you know what is your dream,you're gonna be succesful one day.

So Which one is yours?? I Chose mix chocolate! I can eat all flavours. *o* and yes,I am flexible.

And oh,I am eating mix chocolate right now!

Me & Chocolate

=_= When I eat,looking at its color,I thought, strawberry,but then when its melt its chocolate milk inside! and also have Rm3.50 small T.T


Oh yea.Zoom Zoom! its heart shape! 

Sorry for my messy & dull do you expect?

Its already 11.20pm! 

Sleep mode.Cya!